Atlanta First Time Buyers

The very first time anyone buys a home is one of the single most costly purchases that they will make in their lifetime. Not only is it costly financially, as an investment, but it is also emotionally costly, in that it represents so much to an individual starting out in life on their own. They have “flown from the nest”. They have freedom, but they now also have the responsibility of ownership — ownership of a home in Atlanta that is “uniquely” their own.

Aside from the emotional aspects of this endeavor, there is a huge educational learning curve that is made much easier with the help of a licensed and experienced Real Estate Agent/Broker. Just as you would not treat a medical condition without the assistance of doctor , or handle a legal issue without the assistance of an attorney, you should not handle a real estate issue without a seasoned real estate professional who represents your best interest and is willing to extensively educate you, answer all of your questions, and smoothly guide you through the process of a home purchase.

First and foremost, any professional relationship worth its salt, and its weight in gold, relies on great communication. If you cannot freely and openly communicate with your real estate agent, or if you are uncomfortable in any way, then the entire process is an uphill battle. The communication has to be a two way street with listening on both sides. A good agent needs to be sensitive to your needs and goals and a good client needs to be appreciative of the hard work and advice being rendered to them. Bottom line, there needs to be mutual respect.

The internet provides everyone with a “world” of information but there needs to be caution. Every geographical area has its own nuances in business dealings, real estate transactions, marketing strategies, and legal guidelines. What may apply in California does not necessarily apply in Atlanta, Georgia, and vise -versa. There is no “one size fits all” in real estate. Get local professional help from an agent/broker who is trained, licensed, seasoned, and completely knowledgeable about the local area. Get an agent who will not only represent you but be your toughest negotiator, educator, protector, and ally. Get an agent who looks after your interests first… their income will be a by product of that level of excellence. Really good agents are not in this for a “fast buck”. They are in this for the long term relationships and continued future income based on going above and beyond for each and every client.

If there was one quality to look for in a Real Estate Brokerage Firm to represent you (outside of stellar qualifications professionally) it should be a feisty, but diplomatic, client advocacy that goes beyond the norm, and this is what Dream Street Properties,LLC can do for you. We can and do make “Dreams Happen”

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